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Kids, Public Spaces and Manners

Hello my lovely readers. Today is a non crafty post, more of a vent today lol.

I started thinking about this one a couple weeks ago when a friend of mine, after going to a local university baseball game, went with her DH to a local restaurant. They were seated in a section, where near the end of their meal, two couples with some children were seated. The adults took a table, and sat having drinks and socializing, while the children took another, and then coats etc were piled on a third table. The children proceeded to run amok, doing as they please, without a word from the adults in charge. So, essentially, kids are being disruptive, and this group of 8 or so people (adults and children total) took three tables in a section with no regard to anyone else.

Okay. First things first. No, this was not a “children’s” restaurant. Meaning, it wasn’t the big mouse pizza place where kids are expected to run around. This was a sit down, with waiter/waitress, order from a menu, serves adult beverages type of place. Near a large University, employing mostly college aged people for their wait staff. Family friendly, sure, caters to kids specifically, no.

I understand wanting to go out. Have some time with your friends, enjoy an adult beverage or two, let the kids hang out. I really do understand. I am a mom of two, and just because you’ve created life, doesn’t mean your social life is required to go out the window. I know not every child can sit through a meal. I think they should be taught to, but I understand, in some circumstances, that isn’t possible. (But, in my not so humble opinion, if your child isn’t capable of this, get a sitter and go alone or don’t go to a place where a child running about is going to cause a problem to the other people there). There have been plenty of times in life I have either declined an invitation for a meal out, or stayed behind while the rest go out, or sat in the car during a meal because of a particularly fussy child.

Now, before anyone starts reading me the riot act. Please understand. I am not saying this just because of the comfort of other diners. There is also a HUGE safety issue here. I’m sure we’ve all been somewhere, where something similar has happened; where literally small (toddler, preschool, early elementary aged) children are running around. I mean out of their seats, chasing each other, running around. I know kids at that age. Not only are they not always very spatially aware, but they see the world from 4 feet down and below. Meaning, that they are not necessarily going to see your 6 foot tall waiter with a tray full of hot food, come around the corner before it’s too late. And, unfortunately, in this litigious society we are in, there are going to be times when mom and dad are going to be on the phone with the lawyer suing the restaurant. I know some of you are thinking “no they wouldn’t, it wasn’t the restaurant’s fault!”, but um, yeah, remember the when someone sued because they got burned, by HOT COFFEE? Yeah, they won that one. So yeah, it can happen. It probably has.

Now, I know DH and I are strict. We expect our children to behave properly when out in public. We expect, “please”, “thank you”, “yes sir/ma’am” etc. We also expect them to pick a reasonable food choice from the menu, and place their own order with the waiter/waitress. Yes, I have left the grocery store because of a misbehaving child. Yes, I have sat in the car with a fussy baby so the rest of the family could finish their meal in peace. Because, I understand that the world does not revolve around me, my wants, and my desires, and that it’s completely unfair, not only to the other diners, but the staff as well to have a massive distraction, or unpleasantness in their section.

All this being said. It is our job as parents to train our children. Sorry, you raise crops, you train children. Babies are born with nothing but natural instinct, it is our job to teach them how to be civilized and eventually productive members of society. You can not do this by being your kids’ best friend. You can not do this by just expecting them to know what to do. You can not do this by allowing behaviors you don’t like to continue without doing something about it. You can not do this by worrying about hurting their feelings, again, you are the parent, NOT the friend. You can not do this by threatening punishments, but never following through. It doesn’t work. Are my kids perfect? No where close. Do I usually receive compliments on their behavior? Yes. Do I deal with it when I don’t? Absolutely.

I am the first to admit, that there are times, I really don’t like other people’s kids. This is because, I expect all children to behave with the manners appropriate to their age (mental and/or physical). So, when I am met with rude, un-mannered, misbehaving children, all I want to do is get away. It’s why I don’t teach. I was raised to respect my elders, use my manners, and keep quiet when adults are trying to have a conversation. There are times I see how some children speak to their parents or other adults in charge and I’m stunned because I would have never spoken to an adult that way, nor would I allow my children to. I still wouldn’t speak to someone else, just another human being, in the manner that some children do today. I’d be too embarrassed.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox for today. Just think about it. (also, side note, if you don’t have kids, don’t give advice, unless you have a degree in early childhood education or child psychology, k thanks) I’ve seen the meme plenty of times, “Forget about what kind of world we are leaving for our children, what kind of children are we leaving for the world”.

Smile everybody! It helps you and just might help someone else!


Weekly Craft Update – February 24, 2014

This has been a crazy busy week for us. Rehearsals for the latest production DS is in, and as allergy season creeps closer and closer, I’ve been cleaning like crazy to try to keep DD’s seasonal nasal allergies under control as best we can.

All that tho, I did take some time this weekend to do a little stitching on my current project 🙂

Here’s this week’s progress:


Enjoy! Feel free to make your guesses lol.

As always, smile. It does make your day better, and can make someone else feel better too.

Yep, I’m that nerd.

Since it’s the weekend, how about something fun lol.

Yep, like I said, I am that nerd. I’ve watched, and I’m not kidding, literally, EVERY episode of Star Trek. (From the original series to Enterprise, in order, sort of) All the movies (except the most recent, which when it shows up on Netflix or Amazon, I’ll get there). I’ve argued who’s the best captain (Janeway is my favorite, which I know makes most people cringe), which series was best and why (TNG is near and dear to my heart, but Voyager and DS9 are close seconds). I’ve seen every Star Wars movie, more than once. All three Blade movies. Both Tomb Raiders. Pretty much all the Marvel and DC based movies. You get the idea.

I could start listing all the series I’ve binged watched on Netflix and Amazon, but I’d probably have to go back and look at my history *snorts* But, besides the Star Treks, to list a few, Eureka, Warehouse 13 (and yes I bounced up and down when Kate Mulgrew appeared), Haven, Angel, Buffy (YAY for Armin Shimerman as the principal lol)… You get the drift. (and yes I’m desperately awaiting Haven to get the latest season on Amazon or Netflix and for the final Season of Warehouse 13 to come out).

I’ve also read just about every thing Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Robin Cook, plus almost every Pern book both of the McCaffrey’s have published. Not to mention countless other authors, books, genres, etc etc etc.

I follow so many of the actors/authors on Twitter and Facebook, it’s not even funny. But, especially right now, with Destination Star Trek going on in Germany, I love all the pictures and stories that are being posted. Speaking of…

I’ve never been to a convention. No ComiCon, no DragonCon, no Star Trek Convention. Does it break my heart now even more that I missed the DragonCon with Anne McCaffrey. Yes. I wish I could have gone and had at least one of my copies of her books signed. I’ve never done CosPlay, I don’t own a single costume (unless you count my Harley Quinn shirt, yes, it’s black and red like her costume lol). To some people, this makes me “not a real nerd”. lol Apparently I have no “street cred” as a nerd. That’s okay though, just makes me giggle. (And a little green with envy when I see pictures of them at the various Con’s).

For a long time, I hid my love of things SciFi and Fantasy. LOL Because I was so worried what people would think. *facedesk* Yeah, I used to be one of those people. Don’t care anymore though. I proudly wear my Star Wars, Harley Quinn, or Big Bang Theory t shirts in public. I happily pour through the shelves at Hot Topic to find the latest tshirt/wallet/accessory/whatever lol.

I am also the one that will sit there an say or think “where do I know that actor from?” And typically after running off to IMDB, I find out they played some part in a Trek. Which is why I probably love Warehouse 13, so many actors from a lot of the Trek series make appearances (Rene Auberjonois to mention another). Or after watching Haven, then watching Buffy and realizing that Duke (Eric Balfour) from Haven was Xander’s (Nicholas Brendon) best bud Jesse in the first couple of Buffy episodes (who promptly got turned into a vamp and slayed, but still). Loved the cross overs between Eureka and Warehouse 13 (actually got into watching Warehouse 13 after seeing the episode with Claudia [Allison Scagliotti] in Eureka lol). I mean come on! Even Seth MacFarlane was in a couple of TNG episodes, and now Patrick Stewart does voices for him. lol It’s all interconnected.

As a kid, I wanted to be on Star Trek. Hoped that some day I’d be “discovered” lol (kinda hard if you don’t audition) and be on the show. Wow, yeah I really AM that nerd. But, the nice thing now, since my kids’ friends are into a lot of the same stuff I’m the “cool mom” that can talk Avengers, or Star Trek and actually know what I’m talking about. lol

On the flip side, I tried Battlestar Galactica (both old and new), couldn’t get into it (even if I did recognize one of the characters from Eureka lol). I also love all things Alton Brown, watch Food Network, and still have a slight addiction to Days of Our Lives. So shoot me. Which in some people’s eyes, again, makes me not “enough” of a nerd lol. Whatever, I love what I love and well, no one is making you watch it! (Hey even DH doesn’t share my love of it all).

I guess the point of all of this is, embrace what you love. If you love HGTV, then watch it, and be proud. If you love all things SciFi, then watch and be proud. It’s your opinion, not everybody is going to agree, and that’s okay. But, if you’ve never read a book or watched an episode of anything outside of your “comfort zone” try it! You never know what you might find that you like.

Most importantly smile. You never know, it will make your day better and just might make someone else feel better too.

Moms of Male Dancers

Fair warning, this is going to be a long one.

Okay, so if you were nosy and ready my profile, you know already that my DS (who is 11 as of the time of this writing) is my home schooled dancer. Oooh boy let me tell you. Being the mom of a male dancer is one of the most rewarding things ever. BUT, also one of the hardest especially when it comes to testing your self control. Why you ask?

First and foremost, we live in the south. Which I love. Been here for most of my life and so it is home. But, it is also home to some of the most narrow minded people sometimes. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been asked “Aren’t you worried about making him gay?” Um. No. Not at all. First off, dance has nothing to do with ones’ sexual preferences. Secondly, how is putting on tights and doing a lot of physical activity going to determine his sexual preferences. I mean give me a break, football and baseball players both wear something very similar (male dancer tights are NOT like girls, they are much thicker and heavier spandex *think 80s biker shorts*), but unlike organized sports players, my son spends most of his class/rehearsal time with a bunch of girls. In nothing but leotards and tights. Now they are all sweating their collective butts off, and stretching themselves into poses that would probably land me in the hospital for a week, but he is with girls. Not in tights, with a bunch of guys, slapping each other on the butt. Now, before you start railing against me about sports playing kids, I’m not saying football is going to make your son gay. What I’m saying is how can you pick an activity and say it’s going to make mine that way? Thirdly, DS has a very big love of petite blondes, so no, I’m not worried about his sexuality. And lastly, he’s my son. Period. Who I will love forever, no matter what.

The next question that blows my mind. “Does your husband know?” No of course not, I’ve been secretly taking my son to dance classes for 8 years, and have managed to hide all the costumes, tights, dance shoes, days when we’re gone all day for rehearsals and/or performances, etc etc. Wow really?!? I don’t know about your marriage, and mine definitely isn’t perfect, but there is no way I could hide something like this, nor would I want to. So, there is usually a follow up question to this one, depending on how well they know DH, it goes something like this “And he’s okay with it?”. *bangs head against the wall* Okay. *sigh* again, really!?!? Okay here’s the deal. We support our kids. When our DD danced, we were right in the thick of it. DS dances because of her, he just decided that “dancing is his life” (to paraphrase DS himself). DD has decided that although dance wasn’t for her, theater is, especially backstage. As parents (because, shockingly enough we do this parenting thing together), we both agree that we will support DS in his dancing for as long as he wants to do it. Which, as it looks now, will be a very long time.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This life as a mom of a dancer isn’t sunshine, roses and lollipops. No where near. It’s hours spent at the studio (thank GOD for my Daddy, who is right in the thick of everything too. I mean in it. Classes, rehearsal, backstage, and sewing dance wear and costumes); hours and hours at the theater (seriously, the security there know me on sight); debates over shoes, tights, costumes, haircuts; stress over foot pain, eating enough and eating right; constant stretching… Truly it’s endless. Then, there’s the other moms, other dancers, issues in dressing rooms and backstage (I’ll get into that in another post). Literally, some weeks, the closer to shows and recitals especially, EVERYTHING is scheduled around dance. So, yes, it’s HARD. There are days, the thought of getting in the car again to go back to the studio makes me cringe. But….

Then there is the good side. The look on DS’ face when he comes out of a ballet class that probably would have a lot of people passed out on the floor; he’s red faced, sweaty, exhausted, sore, but has the biggest grin. Just this week, as they are working on choreography for their May recital, he comes out grinning, “Mom! That was FUN!” The look when he finally “gets it”. When that tour jete’ is landed the first time. When that slide in tap takes him exactly where he wants to go and he doesn’t fall at the end. When he learned to do toe stands in tap. When his private lesson teacher tells me (with him standing there) “I’m seeing a LOT of improvement.” Not to mention the days I get the email from the Company Manager of the ballet company he works with (and has been on stage with since he was 4) that says “The following dancers have been hand selected to perform in our next production.” It’s a good thing I am usually at home when I read those, the fist pumping, squealing, jumping and up and down momma would probably get some strange looks in public. Watching rehearsals, and seeing him dance, learning the basics to partnering this time around, with such a look of concentration, but such a grin. Takes me back to when he was 5 and we watched a snow scene rehearsal for Nutcracker, and he looked up at me and said “momma, I wanna pick up the girls like the big boys do.” Don’t worry, he’s not picking them up yet, but the way time is flying these days, it will be here soon enough.

Now, the other side of all this. The “dark side” so to speak. You would think, mom’s of the male dancers would be this tight knit little group, right? No. We’re not. It’s still a competitive world, even if the “pool” is smaller. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we all hate each other. Quite the contrary. I had a lovely dinner last night, and conversation by text today with one of the moms. We’ve also known each other longer than most (our two boys are the oldest and have been dancing the longest). But, I think there is the problem. DS has been dancing for over 8 years now. He first put ballet shoes on when he was not quite 3 years old. In 2005. This is our 9th season. So yes, he’s gotten a lot of roles over the years. Yes, our director, company manager, costume mistress, ballet mistresses, etc all know both of us on a first name basis. Because we’ve been there. Nearly every show. And, I’m on stage sometimes, and if not, I’m backstage. I haven’t seen my son from the front, performing (except for recitals)… um… ever. Which is my choice. And I’m okay with it. When he was the changeling child in “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” in the Spring of 2011, I had to be backstage with him, he was only 8 years old. Kids that young aren’t allowed to be backstage by themselves, and since he was the only child in that show, it was on me. lol. The rest of the time, I choose to be back there. Sometimes because I’m in the show, sometimes because he’s been the only boy and so there aren’t a lot (*cough* any) of volunteers to be with him. But, I do my best to not hover, and, especially lately a lot of shows we do I’m in my own dressing room preparing and other adults are “in charge” of the boys, so although I’m there, at the theater, I’m no where near where he is. I can get into the “dark side” more in another post, I don’t want to digress too much here.

All this being said, my life is full of tights, ballet flats, tap shoes, schedules, sore feet, sore muscles, tears of frustration and tears of joy, but most of all love. Love for something 10 years ago, I barely knew anything about. Love for people I never would have met otherwise. Most of all, love for my little man, my little dancer! Smile on everybody!

It’s A Parking Lot, NOT a Racetrack

If you read my “about” me page, which I’m sure a lot of you have, you know that I’m mom to two, and my youngest is home schooled. Which is great, most days. That also means though that DS goes with me 95% of the time when I have errands to run during the day. No big deal, right?

Usually it’s not a big deal. He’s a great kid (yes, I’m biased, but I’m allowed). He knows how to behave in public. He knows that sometimes things just take a while. He knows to look both ways in a parking lot, and to walk between me and the parked cars, since he’s still a little guy, and I can be seen easier. We’ve always tried to teach both of ours to be fully aware of their surroundings, especially near moving vehicles, because well, let’s be honest, if you get into an argument with one, the vehicle is going to win.

Anyway, the point of all of this, if you can’t tell by the title, is, it IS a parking lot. There are going to be other cars and people around. Deal with it. Flying around the corners at high rates of speeds is unnecessary and unsafe. What spawned this was, this past Monday, DS and I had to run to our local cable company to turn in our DVR/Converter boxes as we decided to downgrade our cable and stop paying ridiculous amounts of money every month for a service we probably use 25% of. [Scene: DS and I walk out of said cable company office, to cross the parking lot to our car]. Someone else had walked out a couple minutes ahead of us, and was pulling his mid to large sized SUV out of a space next to the building, near one of the driveways. He was still backing, and he saw us (indicated by the “shared nod” lol) and so I knew we were fine to cross after checking for any other traffic. We take one step off the curb, and from the street, comes another smaller SUV, flying around the one that is backing out. I grab DS’s shoulder, and back up back onto the sidewalk as the driver of said smaller SUV flies right past us without a glance.

Cue Momma Bear.

I’ll admit. I was ticked off. It’s not the first time we’ve been nearly run down in a parking lot because someone decided that flying around the safely moving traffic to save themselves 15 seconds was the right thing to do. Look I get it. You’re in a hurry, you’re trying to get things done on a lunch break, or whatever. But, let me tell you, if you get arrested for hitting me or one of my kids, you’re going to be a LOT later than you thought.

So, I get DS safely into the car, and I linger by my door, waiting for said driver to get out of his car. When he does, (yes I know, temper, temper) I say, loudly, “It’s a parking lot, NOT a racetrack!!” He takes half a step towards me, looks like he’s going to say something, and then turns and walks (quickly) into the building. We get into our car, and continue on our day. Safe and sound thankfully.

For now, I will just remind you. Most parking lots, although it’s not always posted, have a speed limit of 10-15 MPH. Although the driver backing out does not have the right of way, play nicely. I personally drive a sedan, and it’s a pain in the behind to pull out from in between two SUVs or Vans. Also, posted or not, local police can issue tickets in a parking lot, private property or not. And, more importantly, no matter if there are crosswalks, no matter if it’s posted or not, rules of the road still apply. The pedestrian ALWAYS has the right of way.

Slow down, be safe, be smart, show some respect, and don’t forget to smile, you never know, it just might make your day better.

Life Hacks Found On The Net

I’m sure, if you have a Facebook, you’ve seen the websites, memes etc that go around showing new and innovative ways to repurpose things or do things differently.

If you plug “life hacks” into your favorite search engine, you come up with more than you could ever use, need, or think of. One I have used already is the key ring on the tab of a zipper. It works great when you have a pair of pants that the zipper doesn’t want to stay up, just put a key ring (just the split ring) through the zipper tab, then you can loop it over the button. I did this for a pair of DS’s jeans and he loves it.

The other one I fell in love with, and DH agreed it was a great idea, is to use cheap baskets and an extra shower curtain rod to hang up all the bottles, etc, in the bathroom. We are always looking for new storage ideas, since our house has some tiny closets lol. Well, today I got it accomplished and I wanted to share with you all. Here are the pictures!



Have a great day everybody!

Weekly Craft Update – February 17, 2014

Good Monday morning my lovely readers! I hope everybody had a great weekend, and now ready to tackle another week. I know I am, busy weekend, but after a good nights sleep, I’m ready to go. 🙂

So, on Facebook the past few weeks, I’ve been keeping everyone up to date on my latest projects, but, for those of you that are new to following me, I will give a little background. I spent the last part of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 working on cleaning, sorting and organizing my house. During all of this I found a lot of “UFOs” (un finished objects, also known as projects started but never finished). So, to keep myself from getting overwhelmed by them, I have them in a box, in my closet. I have finished one already, as well as one I got for Christmas. The most recent one pulled down is a little bigger than some so not very portable. Finished size is 14″ x 14″. But, what I have been doing is taking weekly pictures to not only show off progress, but also so I can see the progress I’ve made. The following is the pictures from the first two weeks. On the left is what it looked like when I took it out of the UFO box, and on the right is about a week later.


I’ve also had people trying to guess what it is. I’ve had angel, bird and several others. With our snowy week, I had a lot of time to work, crafts keep me sane and from getting cabin fever. Here is this week’s progress.


Also, since that is not very portable, I have been working on smaller projects to carry around. As a mom of a dancer I have a lot of time sitting and waiting. So, I also managed to finish this hooded scarf. I have gauge issues with crochet sometimes, so although this is supposed to be a lady’s size, it’s more kid sized. Rather than rip it apart and start over, it will end up on my eBay page lol. Here is how it came out.


Thanks for looking everybody! Have a great one!

Customer Service… or what it should be

Alright everybody. Those of you in the Southern states lately will get this.

This has been a rough winter for us this year. I knew it, when by mid-July we hadn’t hit 100 yet, that it was going to be. I was just predicting frigid temperatures. But, I should have realized, a cool WET summer, was going to lead to this. This being, snow. Twice. In South Carolina. Kids have missed a total of 4 days of school and had more delayed starts/early dismissals than I can count. (oh and not to mention by the time I write this, we’re defrosting from our second round of snow/ice and supposed to hit the 70s by next week. but could have more of this white stuff in a couple of weeks) Between the temps and the precipitation, it’s been rough. And before ANYONE above the Mason-Dixon line starts laughing (because I can hear ya’ll), we don’t have a lot of plows. Or salt trucks. Or Quonset huts by the highway with salt and/or sand. It’s not fiscally intelligent for us to do this, because typically we get no winter precipitation, let alone inches of snow, ice and sleet. IF we see wintry precipitation, it’s less than an inch, once every few years.

Anyway, I digress. The whole point of this is this. Friday was our first day of being defrosted after being buried in since Tuesday afternoon, and really being able to go anywhere. As I do a lot of Friday’s I headed to the bank to deposit DH’s paycheck. And what do I see? Well, besides a huge mess, that is. I see a line at the bank because only one of the drive thru windows is open. BUT. There is a really good reason for this. Two of the bank employees are outside, with deicer and shovels, clearing the lanes to the other two drive thru windows. Neither really has clothes or boots on for this. But instead of only keeping one lane open and letting Mother Nature run it’s course to clear the ice. They are out there, breaking up the ice by hand, so they can serve their customers as quickly as possible. I posted the pic on my instagram/twitter/Facebook, it wasn’t great since I was in my car, but I thought it needed to be shown.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon. DH took off work early, and so we took our totally cabin fever riddled children out for some shopping. Now, I was excited too because this shopping was to try to find an iPad for me (WOOHOOOO!!). Well, of course with all the shipping delays, bad weather, etc, the first couple of stores we went to were sold out. *pouts*. So we head to the dreaded main shopping area on our side of town. (LOADS of stores, BAD traffic planning) First stop, *insert name of major office supply store here*. [Scene: DH, DS, DD and myself, standing next to iPad display looking around expectantly] Then us, watching, as employee #1 walks past… head down, and speeding up as she gets closer. Next, employee #2, speeds past, boxes in hand, glances our way, says nothing. Employee #1 comes back by, DH says “excuse me”. Employee #1 says “oh did you need help?” *facedesk* no sweetie we’re standing here in the middle of the aisle because we have NOTHING better to do on a Friday afternoon. *sigh* DH says, “Yes, we’d like to see about an iPad,” employee #1 says, “let me see if I can find someone to help you.” Okay…. so we wait. Time ticking by. I look at DH. He looks at me. I shrug. We leave. Oh and as we’re walking out, employee #1 finally found someone, and he turns around just to see us walk out the door.

Okay, my problem with the above. First off, I don’t care if you work in electronics or the rubber band department. If you see a customer standing around, next to a display, especially of a high ticket item, would it really take so much out of your day to say “Hey, did you guys need help with something?” or “Let me get the salesperson for this area for you.” Not speed-walk past me purposefully not making eye contact. This whole mentality of “It’s not my job” is what has screwed up a LOT of retail lately. My first comment after walking out. “And people wonder why everybody shops online these days.”

So, off to the next store, *insert name of warehouse club store here*. I find the display, which is one of those cardboard thingys you take to the cashier so they can get your item out of lock up. No problem. We pick a line that is relatively short (in comparison to everything else). Get up to the cashier, hand her my membership card, and the cardboard thingy. She rings me up, I explain and apologize that due to limits placed by the bank on debit card transactions (which we have there on purpose), that we would have to split it between DH and I’s cards. She is very nice. Well, then the manager finally wanders over to get the number of the item so she can retrieve it from lock up. Now, understand, we had also called around a few places to see if they had this particular iPad in stock, since I wanted the Air, so it MIGHT not be completely obsolete and better off as a paperweight in a year. And, since most retail establishments are very happy to take your money very quickly, but very slow to put it back in your bank account, I wasn’t going to actually pay until I was 100% sure they had the correct item in stock. As I’m watching the manager stand there at the “cage”, she finally calls over another person, who then wanders all the way to our check out line (10-15 lines from where said cage is), and double checks the number, then wanders all the way back to the cage. 5 minutes or so later, they finally wander back with my iPad. I’m ecstatic that they have it. But, would it have been so difficult to 1, learn what you are retrieving from the cage so you might be able to find it in less than 10 minutes without help, and 2, MAYBE crack something that resembles a smile once in a while? I’m so sorry to have put you out and spent a decent chunk of change with your company… *sigh*

On a side note, really fellow shoppers? Lets try not to be rude. [Scene: older-than-me male gets in line with a few items behind me.] Said male, asks cashier why she isn’t ringing him up. (Yes, I am still standing right THERE). She explains, that until I have my item, I am not paying. He proceeds (and again, I’m RIGHT THERE) to keep his back to me, and ask loud enough for me to hear “Why isn’t she paying?!?”. I calmly turn towards the back of his head and say “Because, *I* am not spending XXX amount of money here and having my bank account all screwed up because they don’t have it.”. *cough* He left our line and went to another one.

All this being said. Respect. THAT is what is wrong with most places, and why most people shop from home. Who wants to deal with cashiers that make it blatantly obvious they have NO desire to be there, and customers that think the whole world revolves around them. Retail/Food Service/Customer Service employees, look, I’ve been there, I understand you have a thankless job. But. You applied for that job. You accepted that job. The least you can do is at least “fake it till you make it” and act like you want to be there. You’d be amazed at how much better your day goes. Fellow customers at various retail/food establishments, EVERYBODY is in a hurry. Everybody wants to get to their next destination. Everybody has things to do. Sometimes we just have to wait. Be patient, be respectful. If you wouldn’t want someone making snide comments while you’re standing there, don’t do it to someone else. Understand that sometimes things are out of your control, and you just have to be patient. We are all guilty of having a bad day, snapping at a customer, tapping our foot while waiting, whatever. It happens. But really, especially when circumstances are out of everybody’s control, let’s try to be a little nice. Relax. Smile. It makes everybody’s day better. Including your own.

Hi *waves*

So, starting out with this, already have a list of stuff I want to post about. Going to post about my kids, my life and my crafts. My goal is once a week, I’ll probably screw that up soon enough LOL, but since I’m linking this with Facebook and Twitter, and am going to put the app on my phone so when I’m out and about I can blog what’s on my brain. Fair warning, that may get interesting.

Anyway, more to come soon, including a new look when my dh (darling husband) is available to customize this with his website mojo.

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