Safely Home – Review

Safely Home by Randy Alcorn, my thoughts. (and yes there are going to be some spoilers, sorry, I can’t help it)

I joined a book club. Yeah, you would think as much as I love to read I’d belong to at least three and have been for years. Nope. I belong to one. And have been going for about two months. It’s a lovely small group with some ladies from church (and old friend of mine actually convinced me to go) and I am so glad I did.

For the record, before anyone gets “offended”. Yes, this is a work of fiction written by a Christian. Yes, I am also Christian. No, I am not going to force my beliefs down your throat just because I am. Okay, we good now?

Moving on…

So, the book is set mostly in China, where a VP of a large corporation has been sent to look up his old Harvard roommate, who is Chinese, live with him, immerse himself in the local culture, all in the idea of improving their holdings in China. He assumed his old roomie was a college professor like he wanted to be, and would be living a typical “middle class” life. Yeah…. not so much. The book takes us on the journey of Ben and Li Quan as Ben finds his way back to his Christian roots and Quan is a persecuted Christian who is eventually arrested and then unfortunately killed in prison.

All in all I liked the book. If you have issue with people getting beaten in prison, or mistreated in any manner, there are parts you are going to need to “skim”. But, it was a real eye opener. It really made me think about “being content with what I have.” Meaning, stop going for the bigger, better, faster, more or “keeping up with the Jones'”. Learn to love what you have, and be content there, once you figure that out, more will come along eventually.

So, I give it 4 out of 5, just because it gets slightly difficult to follow at times, occasionally repetitive on certain ideas, and the descriptions of the time in prison.


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Okay, so this is where I am supposed to be witty and cute and tell you how funny and awesome I am to get you to read my blog. Well….. not sure how that is going to work. I am a stay at home mom of two, one is my minime high school student and theater chick, the other is my homeschooled dancing dude, who is momma’s lil man. I get to stay at home and do all this cool stuff thanks to my awesomeness hubby who works his tush off so I can. Of course staying at home isn’t for everybody, and we’ll dive into THAT some day I’m sure, but I love it, and I have my crafts to keep me busy. That is what started this whole thing. Hubby said to me “babe, you should start blogging” and well, here I am. Good luck and enjoy! And yes, I do approve all comments, but don't think I'm censoring everybody. I will let negative ones through as long as everybody plays nice. View all posts by craftymomchronicles

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