Sexy Evil Genius Review

Normally, I am not a watcher of indie films. Yes, I know to some people that makes me a horrible person. But, I’m picky, so sue me.

A friend of DH’s suggested this movie to us, and we were intrigued. We are both big Seth Green fans. I love Michelle Trachtenberg from her Buffy days. William Baldwin (one of the lesser known Baldwin brothers, but only because he’s not an idiot to the media all the time lol) does an amazing job. Anthony Michael Hall has been in so many movies and shows that I love, even with only a small part, he shines. Katee Sackhoff is proving to be a more versatile actress than I originally thought (I did watch the first few episodes of the modern version of Battlestar Galactica, even tho I never finished the series). Last but not least, my favorite, Harold Perrineau. I fell in love with him as Mercutio in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet years ago, and STILL see him screaming out his soliloquy at Romeo on the beach.

SPOILER ALERT, you know the drill, don’t go past here unless you’re okay with a few spoilers.

This movie takes place, probably 95% of it, around a table in a small bar. It starts off with Zachary (Seth Green) and Miranda (Michelle Trachtenberg) realizing that they have been called to the same place by Nikki (Katee Sackhoff). A mutual ex girlfriend of both of theirs. Then, Marvin (Harold Perrineau) shows up, and the three reminisce about Nikki. Eventually Nikki herself shows up, and more suspicion and stories are shared, when Bert (William Baldwin) comes in and is introduced as Nikki’s fiance. Lots of stories from the past, ensue, including learning why Nikki was in a mental facility. I won’t give away too much, but the ending has a crazy twist!

It’s only 90 minutes! No, it’s not the most cinematically (not a word according to WP lol) challenging movie, BUT, it sucks you into the story because most of the time you are sitting wondering why Nikki has brought all of these people together. I give 5 stars, mostly because of the all star cast of actors I love.


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Okay, so this is where I am supposed to be witty and cute and tell you how funny and awesome I am to get you to read my blog. Well….. not sure how that is going to work. I am a stay at home mom of two, one is my minime high school student and theater chick, the other is my homeschooled dancing dude, who is momma’s lil man. I get to stay at home and do all this cool stuff thanks to my awesomeness hubby who works his tush off so I can. Of course staying at home isn’t for everybody, and we’ll dive into THAT some day I’m sure, but I love it, and I have my crafts to keep me busy. That is what started this whole thing. Hubby said to me “babe, you should start blogging” and well, here I am. Good luck and enjoy! And yes, I do approve all comments, but don't think I'm censoring everybody. I will let negative ones through as long as everybody plays nice. View all posts by craftymomchronicles

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