Television/Commercials and How it’s Killing the Men

Probably my last post for the day, but this is one that has been bugging me for a WHILE now, so I need to get it out.

I don’t watch too much live TV these days. I’m rather addicted to “binge watching” on NetFlix or Amazon Prime. But, with my sports addicted DH there are plenty of times that “regular” TV is on. Plus, I am plenty guilty of just hitting the button on my way by, and half listening to whatever is on while I craft, clean, etc. (and we are not discussing my addiction to Days of Our Lives, we’re just not, okay?)

Now, that being said, I have my opinions on what the extreme feminist movement has done to the world, but THAT is for a different post. It is one I will address at some point, but it is not what I want to talk about here.

What I want to talk about here is, when did all the men in the world become bumbling idiots that can’t cook, clean, diaper a baby or generally function without something ridiculous happening?

Why do I ask? Well, have you watched “regular” TV lately? Most, and when I say most I mean close to 95%, of commercials, sitcoms, and even movies today portray men as something just evolved above neanderthal, maybe early Cro-Magnon man. They are either nothing but sexually charged idiots that chase anything with boobs, or so inept around the house they are congratulated for not burning the house down. *facedesk*

First off. I was raised by a stay at home DAD. Yes, my daddy is the one that was home with me from my birth until I was almost 8. Even after that he was the “primary parent” for lack of a better term. My dad is the one that taught me how to cook, how to do laundry, how to clean, and who is still the best soother for any fussy baby I have ever seen.

Secondly, I am married to man that cooks better than I do (now I can out bake him, no problem, but day to day cooking, he’s got me beat), cleans without complaint (and very well, he’s a lil OCD *giggles*) and although I don’t let him touch the laundry (I’m strangely picky about how laundry is done, but I have clothes in great shape that are more than 10 years old, so it’s for a reason) he would do laundry in a heartbeat if I needed help. He has been up in the middle of the night with fussy and sick kids, been with me at the hospital (even if he hates hospitals with a passion) when our son was born and when he had surgery. We co-parent. Because we are both parents. I did not magically get pregnant and have children. Not that I am by any stretch dissing single parents, so please don’t think I am, but it takes two people. At least! My dad helps, my in-laws help, I have close friends and we all gladly share advice, babysitting, teenager wrangling, etc.

Anyway, I digress.

Why do we consistently emasculate men on TV and in Movies, and then expect them to stand up and be men? Maybe I’m old fashioned. But in my book, men are supposed to hold open doors, do the heavy lifting and be MEN. Do I think my dad is any less of a man because he stayed home with us? Absolutely not. I completely understand the situation and why they chose to do things the way they did. But seriously, how do we expect to portray them as incapable of something as simple as making pigs in a blanket, but then expect them to stand up and be manly. Last time I checked, wrapping little hot dogs in crescent rolls and sticking them in an oven doesn’t not take a genius IQ, nor does it make anyone less of a man.

Just in case you aren’t quite sure, I copied the Bing dictionary definition of emasculate:

  • e·mas·cu·late
  1. castrate somebody: to remove the testicles of a male human being or animal
  2. weaken somebody or something: to deprive somebody or something of effectiveness, spirit, or force
  3. remove stamens from flower: to remove the male reproductive organs stamens from a flower, e.g. to prevent self-pollination

The second definition is the one that truly speaks to me here. Men want to feel manly. Ladies, let them hold open the doors, take the car for an oil change (or change it themselves), and do various home repairs. Or whatever they want to do. It’s okay for them to get into sports and yell at the TV when their team is losing, it’s what they do. Don’t like it? Tough, get a hobby or learn to like sports. It’s okay for them to drool over the hot chick in the latest Bond flick. Guess what, he’s just drooling, you know who’s bed he gets into every night, deal with it and stop being so insecure. Men are men. They like women (and yes I’m speaking about straight men before any of my gay friends get huffy). They like sports (most of the time). They like cars, or action movies, or radio controlled stuff, or video games. Most men, in some way, are nothing more than grown up 13 year old boys. And that’s okay! It’s what they are! We love them. But, love doesn’t mean change.

Does it drive me nuts sometimes when DH is watching sports and yelling/cheering at the TV and it makes me jump? Yeah sometimes, but it’s something he loves and is passionate about. So, put in the earbuds or go in the other room, there is no rule that I have to sit through every game he wants to watch, just like he doesn’t have to sit through a single episode of Cutthroat Kitchen with me. Is it okay that even all these years later DH still has the hots for Alyssa Milano? Of course, he doesn’t say a word while I’m drooling away over Christian Kane, or Chris Hemsworth or um.. anyway lol. Because again, I am married to HIM he is married to ME. I am secure in our relationship. As is he.

So, stop being insecure. Stop thinking you have to have a man to be a woman. Stop worrying all the time that you’re going to lose him because he looks at a girls butt or boobs when he sees them. Deal with it. I’m not saying deal with it if he’s a cheater, but that’s NOT what I’m talking about. I’m talking about men being men. Let them be men. Being independent is great, but there is also nothing wrong with leaning on your man either.

Anyway, I’ll stop the ramble here. Think about it tho, if you want a man, treat him as one! Smile!! It will make your day better, and just might make it better for someone else too!


About craftymomchronicles

Okay, so this is where I am supposed to be witty and cute and tell you how funny and awesome I am to get you to read my blog. Well….. not sure how that is going to work. I am a stay at home mom of two, one is my minime high school student and theater chick, the other is my homeschooled dancing dude, who is momma’s lil man. I get to stay at home and do all this cool stuff thanks to my awesomeness hubby who works his tush off so I can. Of course staying at home isn’t for everybody, and we’ll dive into THAT some day I’m sure, but I love it, and I have my crafts to keep me busy. That is what started this whole thing. Hubby said to me “babe, you should start blogging” and well, here I am. Good luck and enjoy! And yes, I do approve all comments, but don't think I'm censoring everybody. I will let negative ones through as long as everybody plays nice. View all posts by craftymomchronicles

4 responses to “Television/Commercials and How it’s Killing the Men

  • J. James

    I do not watch enough sitcoms or commercials to comment on how men are being portrayed on television, love my DVR.. js If I am watching sports live, you know that is my potty-drink-grab some food time.. lol. I will however comment on the fact that most men I know can cook, not only that, they can cook WELL. My dad is the cook in his family, the one consisting of my halfbrother and step mother. He is the one who cleans the house, takes care of the dog, the repairs.. etc. Most men I have dated have been just like my dad. They enjoy cooking– they want a clean house. They are what you have referred to as “manly” men. Nothing is sexier to me than a man who is sweating over a hot stove or because he just cleaned my house and put some muscle into it.

    I like that in today’s world, men are completely capable. I enjoy relationships where I can be considered equal.. not above, not below, but equal. Yes, there are certain tasks that may need a woman’s touch… and I will be the first to admit I cant change a tire to save my life, but being in a relationship means sharing responsibilities, taking care of each other.. once it becomes one sided… well then.. hell, I can do bad by myself. kwim?

  • torchwilde

    And this is why when I want to hear about real men, I don’t watch TV I pick up a book. These men fight in war, and then go home to help feed the kids. Women are partners, not babysitters. If I am going to be in a relationship with a man he will need to be able to protect, provide, and be my partner. If not, I can do the first two all on my own, so what do I need him for.

  • Rebecca Severson

    Women have this strange predilection that makes them think they have the right to make the rules for men to begin with. Men go along with it not because women happen to be right, but because it’s simpler than arguing about it. The fact is, women don’t get to make rules for men – they can come to agreements with one another on equal footing, but anything less than this level of mutual respect will only be met later with resistance, passive-aggressiveness, and hostility. Equal partnerships don’t ever result from subjugation one another.

  • msopinionatedentj

    Over the past decade it seems men are developing more feminine characteristics, being more sensitive and in touch with their feelings, and being needy. I can’t respect a partner that needs me to run the show all the time, as you mentioned you and your husband are partners, which is ideally how a relationship should be. A man making a few decisions, not being jealous over silly things, and able to do manly things like fix things at home is sexy. Very few men still open doors, and a lot seem to think going dutch is normal on first dates, even when they want a second. When did that happen? Making dinner and opening doors are ways men show women they are considerate men.

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