I Just Don’t Get…


Before I get to showing off the progress on the cross stitch this week, I had to kind of get this out of my brain.

This post has literally been on my mind for a couple weeks now. For various reasons.

The title (I just don’t get people) is something I actually say frequently. Because, truly, I just don’t “get” (or understand if my vernacular is too Southern American for some of you) people. Not saying everyone, not saying even certain people all the time, but there is usually at least once a day, that at some point I am going to look at something on Facebook, TV, or out in the “real world” and say, at least to myself, but usually DH as well, that I JUST don’t GET people.

If you’re wondering, it’s because I just don’t get WHY some people do certain things, or how someone can be so idiotic and still remember to breathe, or why people get so obsessed with certain things/people/celebrities/fads/etc, or especially in the world of Facebook, why people think it’s okay to be downright, MEAN, rude, etc.

Yes, I am one of those logical, less emotional than most, introverted, “weird” people. No, I don’t have pointy ears, so no, I am not Vulcan. At least as far as I know I’m not.

Lately though, it just seems that amongst my groups of people I interact with in various ways, be it through Facebook, other online things, out in public, first hand accounts I hear from others, etc, that one of the biggest problems out in the world to day is a lack of manners, coupled with a lack of common sense.

Okay, so, mostly I see this on Facebook. Which is why I keep my friend’s list pared down to people I actually am either, related to, interact with (or have interacted with in the recent past) some what regularly, or people that I know because our children interact regularly. Some I am much closer to than others, and that’s not good or bad either way, just the way life is. I don’t like having hundreds of friends on Facebook, for several reasons, one is my privacy and the privacy of my children, but also, there is just no way, in any realm of existence I have the ability, energy, or need to keep up with 900+ people, most of which I might have met once in my life, or went to high school with nearly 20 years ago. Would I like to possibly know some of them better? Of course, but there are factors that cause issues with that as well. Time, schedules, the fact that I don’t like just sitting in front of my computer all day (did that for a while, it’s bad for the waist line), the issues I have with long phone conversations (I’d much rather text lol), the fact that I am rather introverted and so idle conversation is difficult for me, as well as, I don’t follow most celebrities, movies, etc, and have rather odd tastes in music, books and movies/TV.

Anyway, I digress.

What I don’t understand, is why people find it necessary to do things like “look I’m obsessed with this particular celebrity, Join ME!” (aka let me invite you to every single page I come across, and share EVERY picture/video/status so it floods your timeline). And yes, I’m aware I can block them from being on my timeline, but then I might miss it if something important is actually said. Or, how about the statuses (gee thanks Facebook for letting people be tagged in these too, as if pictures weren’t enough) that call out a particular person and their behavior for the whole world to see. *facedesk* Really people? Dirty laundry goes in the washer, not on Facebook. Or, “this is my political/religious viewpoint on XYZ, and if you don’t agree you are WRONG and STUPID!!”, all of this is usually one, only said to get people talking, and two really horrific if you start reading the comments. Like, evil, mean, horrible things said about each other, none of which I can guarantee would be said if you were sitting across the table from them or down the bar. Not for most people anyway.

Now before I get bashed even more. Yes, I am aware of people having the right to say what they want to say, express opinions on all types of subject matters and be obsessed with whomever they please (as long as it’s not stalking and/or potentially dangerous). Yes, I do realize that they are bringing whatever is said to them on themselves, etc. But. Seriously people? If it was real life, would you be shoving these pictures in peoples faces? Would you be going up to random people you don’t know and saying “well, so and so did XYZ?” Would you really start screaming foul language and calling people names JUST because their beliefs don’t fall into line with your own? I REALLY doubt it. Most of you at least, would never consider it.

The age of the internet, which I am of the generation that has watched it start with crazy annoying loud modems and BBS systems, to this insanely HUGE amount of information at my fingertips, 24/7 where ever I am. In just over 20 years, it has moved from network TV and the newspaper to being our biggest source of news, to now, where a lot of your headlines can be found trending on your Facebook homepage.

What I want people to think about though, is something I was raised with. If you don’t want it on the front page of the newspaper for everyone to see, don’t do it. And now, it’s, if you don’t want the whole WORLD to see it, in the blink of an eye, don’t do it. Digital foot prints are out there, and there to stay. If you don’t want people to think you’re an @$$h0le then don’t act like one online. Stop hiding behind the screen and act JUST like you would in public, online. And for the sake of everyone who’s path you might cross in life, STOP… THINK… use some common sense and stop reacting like the whole world is after you or that everything said is a personal attack. Have a problem with someone? TALK. Don’t like what someone posts on Facebook? Tell them, hide them, or unfriend them. Easy as that.

Not quite sure if this post took the direction that I originally intended but I hope you all get my idea. Stop, think, smile, truly consider if your words and actions are truly benefiting anyone besides you and your own personal agenda.


About craftymomchronicles

Okay, so this is where I am supposed to be witty and cute and tell you how funny and awesome I am to get you to read my blog. Well….. not sure how that is going to work. I am a stay at home mom of two, one is my minime high school student and theater chick, the other is my homeschooled dancing dude, who is momma’s lil man. I get to stay at home and do all this cool stuff thanks to my awesomeness hubby who works his tush off so I can. Of course staying at home isn’t for everybody, and we’ll dive into THAT some day I’m sure, but I love it, and I have my crafts to keep me busy. That is what started this whole thing. Hubby said to me “babe, you should start blogging” and well, here I am. Good luck and enjoy! And yes, I do approve all comments, but don't think I'm censoring everybody. I will let negative ones through as long as everybody plays nice. View all posts by craftymomchronicles

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