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Weekly Craft Update – June 30, 2014

Well, my goals weren’t quite reached this week. I never seemed to get a lot of time to sit and work. 😦 that being said. I did get some more progress this week. Here’s to getting more done this week! 🙂

And here’s the picture…


Weekly Craft Update – June 23, 2014

Just a quick post this week as I’ve got a busy day today. 🙂

Mostly I just want to show off progress, and excitedly say I’ve found the TOP EDGE finally! I’m really hoping to get most of the single color background done this week, move on to the blended color, and then start the backstitching and couching, I may have set my self a bit high of a goal, but we shall see!


More Past Projects

So, today I’ve been focusing on listing things on eBay and other things around the house. While pulling things out of my closet, I spotted a box I had nearly forgotten about. This is a tough one. Everything in this box was originally intended as gifts for a friend and her son in the UK, but, due to that crazy thing called life, I never got her address before a falling out happened. Now, here it is, more than six months past that falling out, and so I guess it’s time to show off my work, and then list it all to sell.

Her favorite color is pink, and she likes bright and cheerful things, but being that she was in the northern part of the UK she was chilly 9 months out of the year. So, below see pictures of the small shawl, long scarf and then lap sized afghan I made for her, as well as a blue and grey scarf for her son.

Off to eBay they go! (And then maybe etsy lol I’m still figuring that one out.










Weekly Craft Update – June 16, 2014

First official week of summer vacation here, and it was nice. Not too busy, but busy enough to keep us from going completely crazy.

The downside of the week was I thought I had done “something” to my toe. It was very tender, and swollen and eventually black and blue with a bruise. I finally broke down and went to the doctor, to find out it is something called “Morton’s Neuroma” which apparently is an inflammation of the nerve in the middle toe. *sigh* So, we are trying anti-inflammatory meds before things like injections are tried. It was also my daddy’s birthday, and then of course Father’s Day here in the states yesterday. Lots of good food, cake and fun had by all.

With a painful toe/foot, it did give me lots of sitting down time, which of course means lots of stitching. So happy to see that there isn’t quite as much wide open blank space staring back at me anymore.


Weekly Craft Update – June 9, 2014

It was the last week of school for us this past week. Made for busy schedules as usual. But, here we are, first week of summer vacation for my kiddos. Slower pace, more sleeping in and hopefully some fun stuff as well.

I did start a crochet project, actually the one that was pictured in the basket I showed you last week. I only have a few rows done, but, it will eventually be a poncho style shawl.


I also, of course, have an update for you on my big project. Mostly worked on the background, it’s slow going again, and I’m trying not to let it frustrate me. That’s actually part of the reason I started the crochet, just to give myself something to do when I start feeling like I’m not getting anywhere lol.

Here is the progress!


Weekly Craft Update – June 2, 2014

Insanely busy week this past week. DS had his final rehearsal Tuesday, and then we travelled to another city Wednesday for two performances Wednesday night and Thursday night. The show was a roaring success, and we had fun, even if it was very stressful. At least for the momma as well as my wonderful daddy that did the driving for us.

I couldn’t take the big project with me, as it does take up a lot of room, and we had three people’s luggage, food, bedding etc since DS and I stayed in a beach house that was donated to the ballet company for use during this show.

Since I couldn’t take the big project, I took one of my Annie’s hook and needle club projects with me. It just recently came in the mail and I think I forgot to show the kit, but, I can show you the now finished project!




Hopefully they are all going to work as I am on my iPad writing this and it doesn’t show picture previews. So expect that this will get edited lol.

Once I got home though, I did have a little time to work on the big project. So here is this week’s progress!


Keep smiling everybody!

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