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Weekly Craft Update – May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Please, everyone, take a moment today to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of our freedom. Every one of the service men and women that gave their lives to make sure we have the freedoms we do today, and their families, I thank you.

Good progress this week on the fairy. Her face has had more work, as well as her wings and more of the background. A happily, one little stitch found on the left edge! I am a little worried about how quickly this is going to go. I have been having more and more problems with my hands and wrists, after being a secretary and bookkeeper for many years I think that dreaded carpal tunnel is starting to rear its ugly head. I’ve been wearing my splints every night but I may have to break down and see the doctor soon. Fingers crossed everybody that it will go away with more rest and things!

Anyway, the part you have all been waiting for, this week’s picture!

Have a great week everyone, happy crafting and keep smiling!


Weekly Craft Update – May 18, 2015

Hello my lovelies! Another week has gone by already, crazy busy as it was, it definitely passed very very quickly. DS had dance recitals this past weekend, and I am very pleased with his progress, and his recital dances were fantastic. Including some great jumps landed well, and first lifts done on stage. I am one very proud momma. DD had two of her exams last week as well, and her end of year theater program too. Never a dull moment around here!

I did have some time to sit and stitch though, happily, and although no more edges reached yet, the wings are coming along nicely and my little fairy is starting to get a face! Now that dance is off for a couple of weeks, I hope to be able to zoom through some more progress over the next couple of weeks, although I do have some projects around the house planned as well.

Here is your picture for this week…

Have a great week everyone and keep smiling!

Weekly Craft Update – May 11, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mommas out there! I hope you all had a lovely, quiet, relaxing day with no bickering children. I had a lovely day, watching Netflix, and getting lots and lots of stitching done. Plus, I had a delicious brunch and dinner cooked for me by my wonderful husband and kids. 🙂 

Okay, so I’ve been trying to work my way both up and left, so her hair has been started, as well as lots of work on her wings. The wings are turning out to be the most tedious at this point, between the color changes, and lots of quarter and three quarter stitches to get the angles of the lines. I haven’t quite made it to the left or the top, but more of the bottom edge was found this week, which always makes me happy. 

This week’s picture…

There you go! Happy crafting and have a great week!

Weekly Craft Update – May 4, 2015

First things first in honor of Star Wars day…

*giggles* yes I am that nerd

Okay, now onto the reason you’re actually reading this.

Great stitching week. Kind of a quiet week for me, so I had good time to sit and stitch, which was great and brought lots and lots of progress. I didn’t even realize how much I had gotten done until I looked at last week’s picture. I found more of the bottom edge, as well as the right edge as well. I really do love getting to the edges on these big pieces since it gives me a scope of the overall size that is sometimes hard for me to visualize. Alright, enough rambling, onto the good part…

Being that this is my first time really working with evenweave, I have learned to be extra careful when counting over and really switching colors is best done when I can work right off of stitches already done. Too many spaces means I might count off by half a stitch and that really screws me up. Since you can see it in this picture too, yes, I tape my edges with blue painters tape. I find that the adhesive releases better without leaving residue behind. The downside it is thin so when the edge is in my q-snap, it will sometimes tear the tape. 

That’s it for this week! Happy crafting and keep smiling! 

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