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Life as a Wife of a Type 1 Diabetic

I started this a couple years ago, and put it to the side. I feel the need to finish it now though, and hope it will explain a few things. I know this isn’t my usual crafty stuff, and I’ll get an update on that soon too, but this needed to happen first.

Many of you lovely readers that know me, know that DH is a Type 1 Diabetic. Diagnosed right before Halloween when he was 11 years old. Learned how to give himself shots, check his blood sugar, got lists and lists of “dos and don’ts”, and got chased around by nurses trying to get him to eat peaches *giggles*

Before this diagnosis, he was an aspiring hockey player (he is from the frozen Midwest after all) with not a care in the world (as any 11 year old should be). Now we have a son, not much older than that, I can’t even begin to imagine.

As a wife though, from the time I found out (funny story there), to now, I have given shots, spoon fed Lucky Charms, waited anxiously through tests, two eye surgeries, a hernia surgery, and dug through grocery store shelves to find that ONE bag of fruit gummies (his favorite low blood sugar treat) with more of his favorite flavor, and that’s just a tiny piece of it. Because, I love him, and I married him the man, NOT the disease.

Now, to the part that will probably get me LOTS of comments and such. If you are a Type 2 diabetic, go away. No offense intended, at all, but in 80-95% of cases, you can get rid of your diabetes (to those in the small percentages, I’m not talking to you). Type 1’s cannot. Ever. It doesn’t matter if they are under, over, or a perfect weight, doesn’t matter if they adhere to the strictest of diets, doesn’t matter WHAT they do. T1D will ALWAYS be there.


I know it seems harsh to say “go away”. But seriously people. There are ways to keep T2D under control to the point of no medication (and before I get blasted, yes I know there is a percentage of people this is not the case for, but you aren’t the ones I’m talking to), or gone completely by doing what your doctors, nurses, exercise coaches, and nutritionists tell you.

All that being said. I’ve read some disturbing statistics over the years. The rate of T1D diagnoses has gone up 23% in the US between 2001 – 2009. Also, I believe it’s somewhere in the 80% range of the funding for diabetes research goes to Type 2, NOT type 1. That being said, if you want to help, http://www.JDRF.org is the place to go. They are dedicated solely to finding a cure for T1D. Push your local and federal leaders to support JDRF and increase the funding to find a cure for this.

My DH has been very blessed. No major problems from his diabetes. One eye has a few issues, he’s had some mild neuropathy. We are exploring options of a cure called Islet Cell Transplantation. It involves surgery, and time away from home, and a myriad of things I won’t get into right now.

What I do want to talk about though, as delicately as I can, without giving away too much information is this. Diabetes not only controls a good chunk of our lives. Not only is factored into every single decision we make. Not only is why I always carry I bigger purse, and snacks everywhere we go. Not only is why we don’t travel much. Not only is all of these things. But it is expensive. We have watched over the years the prices of all the needed medications rise steadily, and rapidly, over the past 15 years. At scary rates. For example:


The second two listed? Those are two of the many prescriptions we buy a month. Not in vial form, and yes, we have insurance. And no, we can’t skip it. Yes, we have skipped other things to pay for this though. Average medical costs per month for us can be upwards of $400. That is prescriptions, alcohol swabs, special foods, doctor’s visits, lab work bills… I think you get the idea. And that’s assuming there are no major problems, and we keep him out of the doctor’s office (or worse, the hospital) for viruses, bacterial infections, and the like. (which by the way, if you’re sick, go away and don’t breathe on me or him, and as much as we care about you, no we will not come visit you in the hospital lol)

So, to all those people that say, “why don’t you get DS more private lessons?”, “what about this or that summer intensive?”, “how about these shoes, tights, clothes?” or sympathetic looks when I say my DD is doing technical college before transferring to a four year, like I’m doing something wrong. When I say back, “no sorry, we can’t.” or “only if there is a scholarship for it.” or “thank goodness my dad is willing to pay for this or that”. I’m not kidding. I’m not lazy. I home-school my DS, keep up with the house and laundry, taxi both kids everywhere they need to go in my 10 year old car, am taking 24 college credits from March to November (that’s 3 credit hours every 5 weeks, or the equivalent of two full 12 credit hour semesters in about 8 months with no breaks. None, seriously, I will finish a class on a Monday and start a new one on a Tuesday), and am seriously looking at any offer of a job, even if it’s bagging groceries.

And you know what. I’m not ashamed. Not of my circumstances. I’m a bit embarrassed for everyone that thinks I should be “doing better”. But you know what? I am happy. I am stressed out sometimes, and seriously wish I would manage to land a winning lottery ticket some days, but I am happy. My kids are happy. My husband is alive, and as healthy as can be expected. All I’m hoping for is a little more understanding. A little less, “oh you all should do this, that, or travel here or there.” It sounds great, it really does, but that’s not where my priorities are. My priorities are educating my children, getting my own education, and keeping my husband as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Is it really necessary for me to “tell the world” all of this? Nope. But I am tired of people not understanding. I’m tired of trying to make excuses for reasons we can’t go somewhere, or do something. I’m tired of trying to justify why my hubby is sick again (please, PLEASE stop spreading your germs, or just assuming it’s faking, or assuming he’s lazy, or just thinking he’s not doing something, trust me, daily vitamins and pro-biotics on top of all his regular meds are keeping him as healthy as he is, imagine how sick he would be if he didn’t do everything he does) And please understand. Sometimes there is NOTHING we can do. He can eat perfectly, take perfect doses of insulin, everything right, and there are STILL going to be days that sugars go high, or low, or whatever. There are many things that can happen when it does, and the effects can last for a day or two, as well. I will leave you with a little chart that is just a small glimpse of what my darling husband, goes through, sometimes daily…


Weekly (ish) Craft Update – Monday October 26, 2015

Okay, I did promise that I would get back to this as soon as I could. And I’m trying.

I have also been trying to craft, to mis-quote the Starks, “Christmas is Coming!!” (but said with nearly as much panic)…

Now, I mentioned before, if you see something here and it shows up under your tree or in your mail, act surprised, please. *giggles*

First and foremost, the fairy really hasn’t been touch in months, which makes me rather sad, but now that we are getting more and more settled into our new living arrangements, and this semester is almost over *whew* I’m hoping that I might be able to get back into a routine of at least getting a few stitches in every day. I apologize for her wrinkles, she’s been folded into my bag thingy for a few months.


I have been crocheting a lot more though, since that is a slightly more portable craft, and with ballet season in full swing, portability has been the name of the game.

I finished this ripple afghan a couple weeks ago, it’s my first ripple and the first few rows got FROG’d a few times (rip-it, rip-it) BUT I finally got the hang of it (and learned to carry a notepad to keep up with counts) and i’m happy with the results. It’s definitely a lap-ghan, it’s not quite big enough for much else.


Then, thanks to my subscription service, I got a kit to make a yarn ball holder. I’ve seen them in stores, made of everything from fiber to ceramic, but I thought it would be a cute thing to try. This is the one that came with the kit, not completely finished (still needs decoration and a few finishing touches) but, you get the idea.


So, of course, now inspired, I decided to try with some yarn from my stash, and trying to make it slightly larger, so far it’s working, I’m up to the decreases for the top, but this is how it’s coming along…


Last but not least, the Bargello patterned bag front has been complete and had it’s edges finished, just need to sew it onto the bag. I know, I know, too many unfinished things, but that’s what happens when stuff gets packed up lol


That is it for today, I think. lol

Keep smiling, keep crafting, keep supporting your small business crafters (my Etsy is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ImpishCreations) and remember this (I found this meme the other day, and loved it…)


Updates, Musings, and Random Ramblings…

So… yeah, it’s been a while. I know I kept saying how busy I was over the summer… well… it got about a million times worse.

Early August we went up to visit family in Michigan. Had an AMAZING time, ate too much, walked a LOT, spent some amazing time with friends and family.

The day after we got back DS started back into dance full time. Four classes a week, plus privates, and now, rehearsals.

A week after that, both DD and DS started back to school. DD with her senior year and DS with 7th (still at home with me online).

THEN, a week after that I started back to school. Only two classes this semester (I wasn’t completely crazy!) and both online.


Okay. THEN, September kinda went somewhere. It’s mostly a blur of school and classes and driving.

Now here is October. Let’s just break it down into bullet points.

  • We moved. Not far, but still, we moved.
  • I fell down the last three steps of the attic stairs and sprained my ankle.
  • I’m not 100% sure where anything is at the moment.
  • Last but not least… we’ve had four days of sun in the last three weeks. Yes, we are in SC (for those of you that don’t remember) and very very very blessed and lucky to not have been troubled by any of the flooding. Okay. Let me rephrase. I’m popping Vitamin D like it’s candy, and I’m so sick of everything being damp, but house is fine, car is fine,we are fine.

Oh and did I mention it’s only the 10th? *facedesk*

Midterm for one class was supposed to be this past week, it’s this coming up week now. (The city has been well.. shut down for the past week).

Now. There are a zillion gofundme pages for different people, families, organizations going right now because of the flood. If you can’t do much but want to give money, I’m going to point out two things. One, the Red Cross is always taking money. They are a decent organization, and have been here since day one. The other, is more for personal reasons. The “other” ballet company in our city lost EVERYTHING. I mean… EVERYTHING. They had JUST renovated their studio, and by the second day of flooding they had water 8 feet up the wall. EIGHT. FEET. Costumes, music, posters, brand new flooring… everything gone. They have set up a gofundme page here: https://www.gofundme.com/CCBFlood if you can, and feel so inclined, please donate. They are trying to salvage what costumes and things that they can, but as a lot of you fellow crafty type people out there know, fabrics that have been soaked, especially the lighter, airy fabrics used for costumes, (and soaked in not very clean water…) are nearly impossible to salvage.

If dance isn’t your thing, by all means, I’m sure if you google “go fund me columbia sc flood” or “go fund me south carolina flood” you’ll find dozens of pages. Pick one and help some one out.

As for my crafting… yes, I am still doing some… well I have been. I will do my best in the next couple of weeks to get pictures and updates out to you. I have managed to squeeze in some Christmas crafting while doing everything else (and before you get any big ideas, I take the time I sit at studios to crochet, nothing fancy and I’m not super woman I promise). And I will get some pictures out of that, and just know, if you open a box and see something I’ve posted here, just pretend to be surprised lol.

Don’t forget I do still have my Etsy site up and running. I did make a sale the other day! lol Nothing big, but it made me happy. The link is in the “about” tab up top (you’ll have to click it to see it) and by all means, give me a favorite or even better buy something *giggles*.

Okies, I am exhausted and should prop up this ankle of mine (it’s better but still pretty swollen and LOTS of prettily colored bruises everywhere). Keep smiling, keep crafting, and pray for SUN! ❤

Moms of Male Dancers

Fair warning, this is going to be a long one.

Okay, so if you were nosy and ready my profile, you know already that my DS (who is 11 as of the time of this writing) is my home schooled dancer. Oooh boy let me tell you. Being the mom of a male dancer is one of the most rewarding things ever. BUT, also one of the hardest especially when it comes to testing your self control. Why you ask?

First and foremost, we live in the south. Which I love. Been here for most of my life and so it is home. But, it is also home to some of the most narrow minded people sometimes. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been asked “Aren’t you worried about making him gay?” Um. No. Not at all. First off, dance has nothing to do with ones’ sexual preferences. Secondly, how is putting on tights and doing a lot of physical activity going to determine his sexual preferences. I mean give me a break, football and baseball players both wear something very similar (male dancer tights are NOT like girls, they are much thicker and heavier spandex *think 80s biker shorts*), but unlike organized sports players, my son spends most of his class/rehearsal time with a bunch of girls. In nothing but leotards and tights. Now they are all sweating their collective butts off, and stretching themselves into poses that would probably land me in the hospital for a week, but he is with girls. Not in tights, with a bunch of guys, slapping each other on the butt. Now, before you start railing against me about sports playing kids, I’m not saying football is going to make your son gay. What I’m saying is how can you pick an activity and say it’s going to make mine that way? Thirdly, DS has a very big love of petite blondes, so no, I’m not worried about his sexuality. And lastly, he’s my son. Period. Who I will love forever, no matter what.

The next question that blows my mind. “Does your husband know?” No of course not, I’ve been secretly taking my son to dance classes for 8 years, and have managed to hide all the costumes, tights, dance shoes, days when we’re gone all day for rehearsals and/or performances, etc etc. Wow really?!? I don’t know about your marriage, and mine definitely isn’t perfect, but there is no way I could hide something like this, nor would I want to. So, there is usually a follow up question to this one, depending on how well they know DH, it goes something like this “And he’s okay with it?”. *bangs head against the wall* Okay. *sigh* again, really!?!? Okay here’s the deal. We support our kids. When our DD danced, we were right in the thick of it. DS dances because of her, he just decided that “dancing is his life” (to paraphrase DS himself). DD has decided that although dance wasn’t for her, theater is, especially backstage. As parents (because, shockingly enough we do this parenting thing together), we both agree that we will support DS in his dancing for as long as he wants to do it. Which, as it looks now, will be a very long time.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This life as a mom of a dancer isn’t sunshine, roses and lollipops. No where near. It’s hours spent at the studio (thank GOD for my Daddy, who is right in the thick of everything too. I mean in it. Classes, rehearsal, backstage, and sewing dance wear and costumes); hours and hours at the theater (seriously, the security there know me on sight); debates over shoes, tights, costumes, haircuts; stress over foot pain, eating enough and eating right; constant stretching… Truly it’s endless. Then, there’s the other moms, other dancers, issues in dressing rooms and backstage (I’ll get into that in another post). Literally, some weeks, the closer to shows and recitals especially, EVERYTHING is scheduled around dance. So, yes, it’s HARD. There are days, the thought of getting in the car again to go back to the studio makes me cringe. But….

Then there is the good side. The look on DS’ face when he comes out of a ballet class that probably would have a lot of people passed out on the floor; he’s red faced, sweaty, exhausted, sore, but has the biggest grin. Just this week, as they are working on choreography for their May recital, he comes out grinning, “Mom! That was FUN!” The look when he finally “gets it”. When that tour jete’ is landed the first time. When that slide in tap takes him exactly where he wants to go and he doesn’t fall at the end. When he learned to do toe stands in tap. When his private lesson teacher tells me (with him standing there) “I’m seeing a LOT of improvement.” Not to mention the days I get the email from the Company Manager of the ballet company he works with (and has been on stage with since he was 4) that says “The following dancers have been hand selected to perform in our next production.” It’s a good thing I am usually at home when I read those, the fist pumping, squealing, jumping and up and down momma would probably get some strange looks in public. Watching rehearsals, and seeing him dance, learning the basics to partnering this time around, with such a look of concentration, but such a grin. Takes me back to when he was 5 and we watched a snow scene rehearsal for Nutcracker, and he looked up at me and said “momma, I wanna pick up the girls like the big boys do.” Don’t worry, he’s not picking them up yet, but the way time is flying these days, it will be here soon enough.

Now, the other side of all this. The “dark side” so to speak. You would think, mom’s of the male dancers would be this tight knit little group, right? No. We’re not. It’s still a competitive world, even if the “pool” is smaller. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we all hate each other. Quite the contrary. I had a lovely dinner last night, and conversation by text today with one of the moms. We’ve also known each other longer than most (our two boys are the oldest and have been dancing the longest). But, I think there is the problem. DS has been dancing for over 8 years now. He first put ballet shoes on when he was not quite 3 years old. In 2005. This is our 9th season. So yes, he’s gotten a lot of roles over the years. Yes, our director, company manager, costume mistress, ballet mistresses, etc all know both of us on a first name basis. Because we’ve been there. Nearly every show. And, I’m on stage sometimes, and if not, I’m backstage. I haven’t seen my son from the front, performing (except for recitals)… um… ever. Which is my choice. And I’m okay with it. When he was the changeling child in “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” in the Spring of 2011, I had to be backstage with him, he was only 8 years old. Kids that young aren’t allowed to be backstage by themselves, and since he was the only child in that show, it was on me. lol. The rest of the time, I choose to be back there. Sometimes because I’m in the show, sometimes because he’s been the only boy and so there aren’t a lot (*cough* any) of volunteers to be with him. But, I do my best to not hover, and, especially lately a lot of shows we do I’m in my own dressing room preparing and other adults are “in charge” of the boys, so although I’m there, at the theater, I’m no where near where he is. I can get into the “dark side” more in another post, I don’t want to digress too much here.

All this being said, my life is full of tights, ballet flats, tap shoes, schedules, sore feet, sore muscles, tears of frustration and tears of joy, but most of all love. Love for something 10 years ago, I barely knew anything about. Love for people I never would have met otherwise. Most of all, love for my little man, my little dancer! Smile on everybody!

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