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Update, New Look (ish), etc

Been a busy week here for me. Between kiddos’ doctor appointments and a bit of a bug in the house, I haven’t had the time to sit and write like I’ve wanted to. But, fair warning lol, I am adding a new category to the blog. My reviews. I will be giving my thoughts and opinions on various TV series, Movies, and Books.

I also have a couple of blogs I almost NEED to get out due to life drama going on, but I also will be gone a good portion of the weekend so I am going to try to get some knocked out today and tomorrow.

I chose a slightly different theme for the blog. I wanted to have DH make me a custom one, but it didn’t want to work with WordPress so I just spent the time to choose one I like, instead of just the first random one I picked originally.

So, there’s your warning, if I can get them knocked out, LOTS of blogs from me in the next couple of days! Smile on everybody!


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