Weekly (hopefully) Craft Update – March 2, 2015

Okay! First and foremost I apologize for my long absence. I have been working just not been updating all of you! 

I have more motivation to update you all more regularly again. I have started a new big cross stitch project! I’m excited about this one, it’s going to be gorgeous I think. I was reminded why I love presorted kits though. Here are some pictures of prep…

Gotta love it when you have five shades of peach and colors called “darkest grey green” lol. 

I officially started stitching this past Tuesday, the 24th of February, so here is my first week of progress, which I am quite pleased.

It is done on evenweave which I haven’t done a lot on before, but I am getting used to it. 

I have been busy with other things, most of which can be found on my Etsy site (see about me for that link). Here is some of it.

This last big mass of purple is something I love. 

It’s warm and soft and perfect for cold nights, and the sleeves are mid arm so perfect to wear while working on other things! 

I think that’s everything! Oh, I have gotten everything together for my next portable crochet project and as DS is getting ready for the final ballet production of the season, I should have some work on that to show in the next week or two. 

Keep smiling everybody!

Post Holiday Crafting Recap

Well. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. But, like I’ve mentioned before between DS’s crazy dance schedule during the holidays, as well as most of my crafting becomes completely gift related I didn’t want to post much and give away gifts before they were even wrapped!

This is going to be a LOT of pictures I will warn you now lol.

First off is a scarf I made for my oldest sister in law. My first experiment beyond weaving on my Martha Stewart loom. I think it came out great, it uses Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick and Quick, and so it worked up very quickly. You can find the pattern for free on the Lion Brand website it is pattern number L10023. The two pictures of it completed are thanks to my oldest sister in law, I managed to wrap everything without getting pictures lol.




Next was another quick and easy project, also on my Martha Stewart loom. This is the loom double knit two ball scarf using Vanna’s Choice. Super thick, warm and super fast to make. It is also a free pattern on their website number L0103. Picture credit goes to my sister in law, the younger one (but still older than me lol).


Lastly for gifts that were made… I love this. I found this yarn, and fell in love. It is Red Heart Boutique “Unforgettable” and the color is called Dragonfly, even though to me it looks more like a peacock feather. I decided to try my hand at a finer gauge double knit and the result was gorgeous. And thankfully the recipient likes it too lol, and photo credit goes to her, my DD’s boyfriend’s mother lol…


So, I try to do some small crafts/projects that I want to do or catch up on after Christmas. Especially since we like to spend that time at home, all of us playing with our new toys and enjoying the quiet time. Needless to say, I accomplished a lot!

First is a set of miniatures, from a company called Metal Earth. I found them at our local 2nd and Charles and they are fun little things. I had five that I had picked up over many months, a Ferris wheel, the Eiffel Tower, the George Washington monument as well as two from their Star Wars line, R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon. They were fun, a little complicated since the instructions are mostly pictorial but fun nonetheless.




Next thing I worked on was a basket, made from Lion Brand’s fun newer yarn “fettuccini”. It’s a super bulky yarn, but with various fiber content and interesting colors. If you order from their website, you get no choice in colors but I’ve also found it difficult to find in stores. It’s another free pattern that I adjusted slightly, but the pattern number is L40360. I added the handles and am loving having it to carry my work around.




Next I pulled out something I found at Michael’s. It was their brand, Loops and Threads, and the yarn is their T-Shirt yarn. It is definitely t-shirt material, and it came in a few colors. Problem is, just as I fall in love with the ease of this yarn, it is discontinued. But, I did manage to make a placemat and a set of coasters out of the two skeins I had. I actually got about 10 coasters from one skien, and I plan on putting a set of six on my etsy store. The pattern is available on the Michael’s website.





Last but not least, one more scarf/wrap that was from my one of my kit of the month kits. I’m pretty sure this one is going to end up on etsy as well, the color palette although interesting isn’t exactly my personal taste. I think I might have enough yarn to make another, which as fast as this pattern was to work up, I will probably do. It’s a simple pattern of single and triple crochets.




*whew* I think that gets you all caught up now. Finally. I plan on getting back to my weekly updates next week if I can. Keep smiling and keep crafting everybody!!

Weekly Craft Update – November 3, 2014

Hi everybody!

I took last week off, as it was my birthday week, as well as Dracula week for DS and I with the ballet.

But, I did get some things done in the past couple of weeks. First, I mounted and framed the two small cross stitches I completed and got them on Etsy. Here is how they came out:



The bag I had been working on, is to the side at the moment. I ran out of yarn, so it will be something that I will probably redo at some point, but, as I am in the middle of the crunch of Christmas crafting, it can wait.

As I mentioned though, my birthday was last Monday and my wonderful daddy keeps an eye on my Amazon wish list lol, so these showed up for my birthday. First one I pulled out is another Dimensions gold series, of a cabin and the auroras. I took a picture of the back of the package because I am very excited that it came with all the colors pre sorted! That will save me nearly a day of work lol.



Second kit I pulled out I’m really excited about. I love Leonardo da Vinci, and I have a version of the painting in my house that my daddy and his mom, my grandmother, did from a paint by number kit many many years ago already so I think this will be great. Also excited that this one came presorted as well lol.



Lastly is a Christmas present I am working on. If any of my family is reading this, please be surprised if you open anything you see here on Christmas morning lol. I have had the Martha Stewart crafts loom knitting kit for a while, it’s fantastic because one kit gives you several sizes and gauges for loom knitting. So, I’ve been wanting to do a project like this with it for a while, since straight needle knitting is difficult for me. I am very slow and have issues with tension because my left hand is significantly weaker than my right after two wrist surgeries. Hence, why I crochet a lot more than I knit lol. But, I’m hoping loom knitting will be the answer to that. Here is what I have done so far. It’s about half a scarf…



Whew! I think that gets you mostly caught up on the crafting side of my life. I may have to do another life as a dance mom post soon lol.

Until then, keep smiling everybody!!

Weekly Craft Update – October 20, 2014

Okay! Here we go.

So, last week I showed you one small project I’d pulled out of my unfinished projects box. I got it done. I still need to wash, press and frame, but after a trip to Michael’s, I will have it done soon. They had some cute frames with mats on clearance (yay!) plus for my birthday month, I had an extra coupon.

So, here is that project…


Next that got done last week, was another small project, one of Dimension’s “Daydream” collection. It also needs a bath and pressing, but I am going to do that today. The interesting part of these is that they come with a mat that is patterned to match the stitching and then sandwiched between glass and backing board. It doesn’t look like much, but when I can share the mounted version it will look even better.


I’ve also had lots of crochet time. I have less than four inches to go on the bag. I am going to be trying to focus on one project at a time now to be able to accomplish as much as I can between now and Christmas. Some for presents, some for Etsy (see “About” above for that link). During my last trip to Michael’s I also picked up more yarn for a couple of projects. Some are going to be gifts, but I won’t give away for who, since I know my family and friends read this lol. Anyway, bag progress…


And with a ruler, to show to size…


That’s all for now. Keep smiling and keep crafting!!

Weekly Craft Update – October 14, 2014

Look at me! Two weeks in a row! lol

Big. Huge. News. I finished!!! Yup, Sunday October 12th, I finished the ballerina. Yesterday she got her bath, and pressed today.

The first official completion picture is this…


Today, after bath and pressing, here she is, ready for frame quoting lol…


From February 4th when I first pulled it out of my unfinished project box, to October 12th. Just over 8 months of work, and I must say I’m very proud.

So, being that I am getting back into my crafting groove, and trying to complete smaller projects for gifts and my etsy site (see about me for link), I immediately dove back into my unfinished projects box and dug through my unopened kits. This little beauty was the first thing I pulled out, shouldn’t take me long to knock out now that I’ve fixed a small mistake on one section. Here it is straight out of the box…


And after a couple days of work…


And last update for you, the little more work done on the crochet bag…


And lastly, my big news of last week… I got a chance to meet Chryssie Whitehead this past Friday. Look her up if you don’t know who she is. Having recently finished the final season of Warehouse 13, this was a lot of fun for me, and make me a very happy nerd lol.

All for today fabulous readers! Keep smiling!

Weekly (ish) Craft Update – October 7, 2014

Well… It’s been a while again I know. I apologize. Life just seems to get away from me this time of year.

But! I have actually managed to sit, get some work done. My problem is, I told myself, no starting anything new, until I finish what I’m working on. Great in theory, but it’s put me a bit behind schedule for Christmas gifts.

Needless to say, I have gotten a few things done.

I did finish my poncho. I love it, and just in time for our temperatures to start dropping for fall.


I have also sat and done some work on the ballerina. She is finally starting to get some definition thanks to being able to get some backstitching done.


Lastly, I did start another portable crochet project, just for hands busy during rehearsals, classes, trips to the park, etc. I think it’s going to be cute, it’s a bag, but what I like about it, is the handles will actually start right above the base, and will attach fully to the side of the bag thanks to a section for each handle of “back loop only” single crochets. So, as the handle climbs, it will pick up each of the open front loops of those stitches. There is also some front loop only stitches for an inside pocket to be built as well. It’s frankly ingenious if you ask me. But, here is the start of that one.


Finally getting my creative vibe back, and I’ve been looking at loads of patterns from lion brand and pattons for quick and easy gift ideas.

Keep smiling everybody!

Updates and such

I will post more updates soon…

I have still been suffering from a bit of a crafty block the past few weeks. I’ve been focusing on things around the house, helping my FIL with things, and adjusting to our new fall schedule.

On a happy note, DS was accepted into the preprofessional ballet company. The downside to that, MANY MANY MANY more hours in the studio lol. Which is good for him, great for him actually, but means I will have a lot of time in the car and sitting and waiting. Not necessarily bad things, but will definitely leave me with more time to craft. I will try to resume weekly updates on Monday so we can get back to our normal routine!

One more side note, and a bit of shameless self promotion. I did set up my Etsy shop. Not much in there yet, but follows and favorites are always welcome. You can find it here https://www.etsy.com/shop/ImpishCreations I also have an eBay page, where I’ve been selling a lot of books and other things, and you can find that here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/twistedyardsale153

More soon! I promise to get better about this again! Keep smiling!

Craft Update – Month of August

Well. It has been a while since I have been here. I apologize to my followers and normal readers. Life took an unexpected turn starting at the beginning of the month, and I am finally able to sit and write.

Unfortunately, August 7th, we lost my dear mother in law to cancer. Needless to say, things have been busy, my creative juices were a bit dry for a while, plus there was a last minute trip to another state 15 hours away.

We are all adjusting to our new normal. Slowly. I am adjusting to not only school starting, and all the insanity that comes with that, but also trying to figure out the new dance schedules, timing of things, as well as trying to help keep up my father in law’s house and other errands he needs help with.

Crafting did have to take a back seat to most of this, as I’m sure you all expect.

So, here is what I have been working on. All of the shimmer overlay stitching is done on the ballerina’s skirt, and the backstitching has barely been started. I have two pictures for you on that one, since in the overview it is a bit harder to see the sparkle.



Since we were limited on space for packing, I decided not to take her with me on our trip. Instead, I took the purple shawl/poncho I had barely started a couple months ago. One panel is now done, and the second has been started.


The other thing I somewhat forced myself into, was organizing my floss stash. I have been slowly buying the colors I don’t have, so obviously I can get a full set, but also have whatever I might need at my fingertips at all times. I have loads, and I mean loads (over 100) patterns for miniatures on my computer, so my plan is to work up a lot for gifts, and to sell. Now that I officially have my Etsy shop open and a few things on there, a lot of my crafting time will be split between making for myself and gifts, and making for the store. Happy to say though, all the floss I have bought is now wound on bobbins, labelled, and organized, numerically in three (so far) boxes.


I also have loads and loads of patterns found, some yarn bought, and, new kits from my crochet of the month club that are waiting for me. I’m thinking I might have to swear off sleep for a while lol. I’ll post another update with all of that so I don’t bombard you all with a million pictures in one post.

Smile, it just might make someone’s day brighter. And hug your loved ones tight.

Weekly Craft Update – July 29, 2014

A day late this week! With good reason though. Yesterday was DH and I’s 13th wedding anniversary! So, he took the day off from work, and my blog was not on my mind lol. We had a great day, and an amazing dinner at my favorite restaurant. We ate wayyyy too much, but it was worth every bite.

So. Much. Progress. This week. I am so VERY glad to say…. The background, is DONE!! Yayyyyyy!! So, right now I am working on the overlay stitches which I was dreading, for good reason, it is in the skirt, there is certain stitches that get the iridescent filament stitched over it. And of course, one it’s hard to see (I’m actually finding working in indirect light is better because it’s easier to see the white stitches I’m working over since there are so many light colors), but the other big problem is that I have to work with very short lengths of this filament because it frays, separates, snaps, tangles, etc if I cut it too long. So, that is very frustrating to me, but I’d say I’m about a third of the way through it so I should be done in a day or so.

Two pictures for you today. One is a close up, that kind of shows where the overlay stitching has been done. I was trying to get a shot that would show it sparkle, but it’s hard to do. The other is a full show to show, no more blank background staring at me!!

Happy crafting!



Weekly Craft Update – July 21, 2014

Yayyy lots if progress this week! The blank open space is not so vast, and I really see the light at the end of the tunnel of this half stitched background. Almost done with the single color, then it will be on to the combined… Then… Time for the dreaded backstitching and couching.

Here is your picture!



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